Art Direction


Every hour, 24 hours a day, all year round, a power line is dug off in Sweden, causing repair costs of approximately 400 million SEK per year. Our task in this project was to increase awareness about this problem and why it is so important to use appropriate maps.

Our solution was to shift focus from the ongoing excavation work to the moment of reflection before the scoop is put into the ground. The ground beneath us holds both important functions for society and dangerous high voltage cables.

We show the moment exactly before the excavator sets in the unbroken ground, and use meta dramaturgy to further visualize the importance of “checking before you dig”. As the scoop hits the ground the image goes black and is followed by the message “How many volts are in the ground? Check before you dig” and “How many society-building functions are in the ground? Check before you dig.”

In mobile devices, a vibration was also triggered in connection with the blackout image, in order to further dramatize the effect of cutting off a high-voltage cable.

Work created at Forsman & Bodenfors Daily


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