Art Direction


The most common cause for car accidents in Sweden is driver’s fatigue (30%). To shed some light on this in time for the summer holidays – when more people than usual would be out on the roads, driving long distances – we created the concept (and word) “Rattsnooze”. Rattsnooze refers to the act of falling asleep behind the wheel. Something that can be avoided by stopping for a coffee break at Circle K.

First out was this ad, published as part of the advertising duel competition DN-Reklamcupen. The ad is a play on words with the famous Swedish song “Sommar, sommar, sommar” and the word “somnar” (falling asleep). If we encouraged just one person to stop and take a break instead of pushing through and falling asleep behind the wheel we can consider the ad a great success.

Work created at Forsman & Bodenfors Daily



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